It is quite normal of course to gain some weight whenever you are pregnant since there’s a new life growing bigger inside of you every day for nine months.  However, the amount of weight that you gain should not really be a lot due to the fact that you don’t need to eat a whole lot more than you did before you were pregnant.  Gaining too much weight can lead to problems with the delivery and can also be hard to lose once the baby is born.
Paying attention to what you eat is one solution to how to not get fat when pregnant.  Adopting a healthy, well-balanced diet is the key to ensuring that your baby gets all the nutrients that are needed for growth and development.  It is best to eat smaller-portioned meals several times a day to keep your blood sugar level so that you do not overeat.  Don’t make the common mistake of continuing to eat once you are satisfied simply because you think you have to for the baby’s sake.  Listen to your body – it will tell you when you’ve had enough to eat. This will help to control your weight gain and avoiding you having to lose excess weight while pregnant.

Staying hydrated is a big factor when talking about how to not get fat when pregnant.  About 9-10 glasses per day is what the recommended amount is for pregnant women.  By drinking enough water, toxins are easily flushed out, food is digested better and the chances of being hit with an infection of the urinary tract are much less.  You will also feel great and have lots of energy whenever you are consuming enough water.  Being pregnant and having to get treated for dehydration at the emergency room is no fun, believe me!

Doing your best to keep yourself moving and motivated goes a long way with reference to how to not get fat when pregnant.  Set aside time each day to do specific exercises and toning stretches.  If the weather happens to be bad, you could play an exercise video on your TV and do some indoor walking or other low-impact exercise.  Rest whenever your body is giving you signs that you need to – being pregnant does make you want to sleep more.  So take that nap and then wake up feeling energized and ready to do something else.

The above information will go a long way towards making sure that you do not gain excessive weight while you are pregnant.  These simple things will help significantly with how to not get fat when pregnant.  Focus on that beautiful baby inside of you and be happy!

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